Flowering edibles

My garden is full of flowers. Carrot flowers (like the one above), and celery flowers, and tomato flowers, and … oh, you thought I meant dahlias and tulips and stuff? Nope. As I’ve mentioned once or twice, I pretty much refuse to water anything I can’t eat, so the flowers in my garden tend to be there […]

The Stewing Bird

For some time now, I’ve had a stewing hen in the freezer. You’re supposed to defrost such things in the refrigerator overnight, but instead I just put the frozen bird into a large pot of water, covered it, and set it over a low flame. The feet stuck out a bit, but I figured the bird […]

Chermoula: Kids Cook Monday

“I don’t like chermoula,” says Fischer. My three year-old nephew and I are having what has become a regular discussion: I suggest a food he doesn’t know, he insists he doesn’t like it, I attempt to convince him to try it. (He usually ends up liking it.) “You’ve never tried it. It’s yummy, it has all the spices you […]

A cheap and easy greywater solution

Getting water from your bathtub to your garden is a handy skill, here in the drought-stricken West. For example, the water that runs while the shower is warming up — perfectly clean, potable water that has no business going down the drain. Why not use it to keep your garden alive? And if you’re comfortable following the best practices for […]