Sympathy for industrial ag

The food movement loves farmers. Family farmers, peasant farmers, new farmers, old farmers, farm laborers, urban farmers… they’re our heroes. But we hate industrial agriculture. Okay, “hate” is a strong word. How about this: we’d like to see it radically transformed. To see it made more resilient, less dependent on petroleum-based fertilizers, and safer for […]

Fresh chickpeas (ceci or garbanzo beans)

For most of us, chickpeas (a.k.a. ceci or garbanzo beans) come in two forms: canned or hummus. Folks with a penchant for long, slow simmers will also recognize dried chickpeas, the form that most resembles a tiny, winkled brain. (Soaked and simmered, they’re much better than the canned version; make a big pot, freeze 1- or 2-cup […]

Edible Education 101 with Mark Bittman

Raj Patel and Michael Pollan | Edible Education 101, lecture 1: The Rise of Industrial Agriculture | 27 January, 2014 | Berkeley, CA

Edible Education 101 is back! This is an incredible series of talks: some of the biggest names in the food movement discussing food systems in the context of social justice, health and safety, climate change, policy, economics, the labor movement, and more. (In case you missed it: things are really bad on all these fronts. Many of the problems are […]

Cooking with the kids: Tamale torte with red chile sauce

“That’s a lot of words.” Ev has sounded out the title, “Tamale Torte with Black Bean Chili and Red Chile Sauce,” and is eyeing the rest of the two-page spread. For a five year-old who’s still learning to read, the recipe in The Millennium Cookbook looks more involved than most of the things we’ve been making together. Even for grownups, the […]