Revolution, rebuilding, and latkes

Tuesday was the first night of Chanukah, on which Jewish people commemorate the overthrow of an oppressive regime and subsequent reclamation of cultural and religious identity by lighting candles and eating fried foods. This is a common trope in Jewish holidays, except that there aren’t always candles and sometimes the foods are baked. There’s a longer story; about identity and persecution, imperialism and […]

Holiday cookies and social justice

‘Tis the season for holiday cookies. And social justice. My feed is full of both; recipes for gingerbread interspersed with images of protests and die-ins. After a while, some of the pictures start to look unsettlingly similar. And it’s hard to sit here and just write about frosting and sprinkles. I know, you’re reading this blog for pretty pictures […]

Leftover love, part 2

I feel the need to clarify something. In my last post on leftover love, I may have given you the misimpression that I plan my leftovers with care and competence, turning my fridge into some sort of rotating mise en place and whipping up rustic galettes for dinner every night. This is not exactly the case. When I’m […]

Leftover love

The morning after Thanksgiving, my feed was full of recipes for strata, a sort of savory baked french toast made (on this occasion) from leftover stuffing that’s been soaked with eggs and milk, topped with cheese, and baked for 45 minutes or so. There were also a number of Black Friday deals and a like number of exhortations to ignore Black […]


Lamb stock

After the Thanksgiving turkey and before the pie, while other people are doing dishes or watching football or washing mashed yams from their toddler’s hair, I like to make turkey stock. Full disclosure: the whole operation only takes about ten minutes of actual work, and then I go play Cards Against Humanity with the in-laws while the stock […]

Thanksgiving prep

Thanksgiving is only a few days away. I should probably start preparing. Or panicking. Possibly both. We’re hosting dinner, because I love cooking for family and friends, and also because we have the largest dining table. These facts are not unrelated.   In years past, I have carefully planned out my Thanksgiving preparations. I worked around everyone’s […]