Earth Day at the David Brower Center

Happy Earth Day! Saturday was the big day for Earth Day festivals, beach clean-ups, and other community events. It was also the annual Goat Festival at the SF Ferry Building Farmers’ Market, and I admit: I was sorely tempted to go pet baby goats and consume their parents. Well, probably not literally their parents, but mature goats […]

How to save water and beat the drought: stop wasting food

There’s a lot of finger-pointing going on around the California drought. City-dwellers blame farmers; farmers who use drip irrigation blame farmers who use flood irrigation; those growing food for U.S. consumption blame those who are exporting almonds and alfalfa. It’s true: agriculture uses most of the water, and some of it is very inefficient. We need to change the way […]

Fava beans: Kids Cook Monday

Sometimes, the kids and I plan our cooking sessions. We find recipes and follow them, measuring with as much precision as we can. We make main dishes or hearty sides, wait for everyone to get home, and eat dinner together as an extended family. This is not one of those times. Fresh fava beans are too delicious […]

Now harvesting: fava beans

Every fall, I plant fava beans as a winter cover crop. Every spring, I decide that instead of digging them in, I should wait until I can harvest the beans. This is not the best soil management practice, but fresh-from-the-garden fava beans are very tasty. If you didn’t plant favas last fall, don’t worry: you can plant them now. […]

Winter Squash Spring Rolls: Kids Cook Monday

This week, we made spring rolls with a surprise ingredient: grated raw butternut squash. We tend to think of butternut squash as a winter vegetable, roasted or pureed into creamy soups for cold nights. But raw butternut squash is surprisingly tasty: crunchy, sweet, and perfect for the warmer months. (Also, it’s technically not a vegetable: the […]

Beets, garden signs, and cheap and easy waterproofing

The beets have sprouted, which means it’s time for a new sign in the garden. Because it’s really cool that there are so many different kinds of beets, and that they all have different leaf and stem color combinations. And also I like drawing and coloring pictures of produce. The signs aren’t totally self-indulgent: I really do get […]