Cooking with the kids: Beluga lentils and roasted sweet potato fries

My little nephews and I have been cooking together most weeks. We stick to meatless meals, and they take turns picking out the main ingredient. Pretty much any vegetable, fruit, legume, or whole grain at the market is fair game. For this week’s cooking adventure, Ev (age 5 1/2) picked black beluga lentils as our ingredient. This whole cooking […]

Too cold to garden? Grow some sprouts.

That dirt under my fingernails? Oh, that’s because I was just outside in the garden, planting peas and carrots. Barefoot. In February. This is why I live in California. After a weekend of much-needed rain, today was just too sunny and too warm not to go play in the dirt, and I’m looking forward to fresh-from-the-garden salads. But guess what? […]

Lentil Underground

Last night, I headed over to Berkeley for a talk featuring a group of organic lentil farmers from Montana, the former country music singer who wrote a book about them, and Michael Pollan. At the reception afterwards, we all drank wine and talked food politics and sampled small bites made with the heirloom lentils and grains […]

Cooking with the kids: hummus

Do you want to try some hummus? If you do, you can try a carrot with it, or you could use a pita chip, or whatever you want. — Everett, age 5 1/2, when I asked what I should write about our cooking adventure Last week, the kids and I tried fresh garbanzo beans (aka chickpeas, aka ceci […]