Love BBQ? Get a smoker.

Smoking ribs

Our friend Craig is very serious about barbecue. The kind of BBQ that involves at least eight hours of slow heat and woodsmoke. Unfortunately, this is also the kind he can’t do at home, because his “back yard” is a tiny balcony surrounded by other tiny balconies, and his neighbors do not enjoy spending beautiful […]

Fresh ravioli with herb flowers — Kids Cook Monday

Last week, in the grand tradition of using our children to carry out our own unrealized ambitions, the boys and I made fresh pasta by hand. No stand mixer, no pasta machine: just wooden spoons, a rolling pin, and strong arms. We rolled and sliced half of the dough into beautiful fresh egg noodles, and they were awesome. And then, […]

Free printable for picky eaters: My Food Face Chart

Kids are weird. They’ll happily eat raw pasta dough and random stuff off the floor, then refuse to taste whatever you’ve made for dinner. They’re more adventurous when they help cook, but there are still times they don’t want to try something I’m pretty sure they’ll like. I can’t really blame them. Adults love a lot of terrible-tasting things. Our […]

Homemade pasta — Kids Cook Monday

When I was nine or ten, I wanted a pasta maker more than anything. One of those hand-cranked deals that you clamp to the edge of your table. You feed dough in, and out come ribbons of the best fresh fettuccine ever. Sadly, I never got my pasta maker. Even at that age, I rarely let […]

Garden Games: can you guess what this is?

I dig up a lot of weird stuff in the garden. Mutant carrots. Beetles that look like ants the size of your toe. Concrete footings for a long-gone fence. And these strange clusters of red nodules. So… it’s time to play another round of The Garden Guessing Game. Can you guess what this stuff is?