We will always have potatoes

Some things, once you have them, you have them forever. Scars. Children. Tunes like Bananaphone and The Duck Song. And potatoes. Grow potatoes once, and you will always have potato plants springing up, unbidden. No matter how thoroughly you harvest, or what you plant afterwards, some little scrap of potato will remain in the soil, […]

Cooking with the kids: Rainbow Spiral Veggie Tart

Can your child handle a vegetable peeler? If so, you can make this fancy rainbow spiral vegetable roulade tart thing. In fact, you can (and should) make it anyway, whether or not there are children involved. It’s surprisingly easy, delicious, absolutely beautiful, and reasonably healthy. We were inspired by this Veggie Roulade recipe & video from the […]

It’s spring! Go plant something.

Winter is at an end; Friday marks the first day of Spring. Unless the moon manages to eat the sun, in which case it will be winter forever. (There’s a total solar eclipse Friday, but you can only see it from a few islands in the North Atlantic and Arctic.) Assuming that we’re not plunged into […]

Local food on Hawaii’s big island

We’re in Hawaii, buying groceries. The produce section is lined with photos of the local farmers who grew the fruits and vegetables. Some of the fruits and vegetables, anyway. Actually, not that many. Even here, in the independent natural store full of local products, beneath the signs extolling the importance of eating locally, most of the food is imported from the […]